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guatape_coffeeOver the years, we had always recognized that we had a travel bug. It was difficult to do much travelling, however, as we were raising two awesome kids, were living in and constantly upgrading our dream home, involved in our careers and communities, living the American dream.

By the time both kids had graduated from high school and were on their way through college, I had been working mostly online for some time but, Lea was chained to an office job that kept her working and travelling more than full-time. I had been loving the idea that I could work from most anywhere there was a decent internet connection. I also loved the flexibility. It allowed me to stay involved with the kids’ activities and take care of things around the house while Lea was tied up with her grueling schedule.

Once the kids were on their way, we started questioning what our long term plans were. We wanted to travel more but, weren’t ready to retire. Lea wanted a change. We had both read some Tim Ferris and had been listening to Pat Flynn podcasts and were inspired to make some fundamental changes.

It was time to lighten the burden of all the stuff we had collected over the years. We began preparing to move overseas and adopt the lifestyle known as digital nomad.

We sold the house we had lived in for twenty years and raised our family. We sold our cars and virtually all of our worldly possessions. Having visited the country the summer before with the kids, we chose Colombia as our first hop. The plan is to move every 3-12 months to a new destination. In this manner, we plan to see the many places in the world we have always wanted to see while still earning a living remotely. Our requirements are simple:

  • good internet
  • low cost of living
  • safe and healthy lifestyle
  • someplace cool we want to see in depth

This site will be a dumping ground for the things we discover along the way, tips and tricks for those who may be contemplating something similar, thoughts on how simplifying our lives has been transforming, a world-wide search for the best craft cocktails, a bit of geeking out, and general rambling which is something I am good at.

Feel free to ask questions, post comments, and stay in touch.

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