An Experiment With Android OS

A few years back, I got a Nexus 10 tablet as a gift. I loved it. It has been great for media consumption, and light browsing in a nice tight package. It is well-built and, even now, fast enough for most of the things for which I had intended to use it.

I often find myself in situations where I need to do certain tasks and am away from my laptop for whatever reason – rare, I know. My Android phone is more than capable of performing most tasks I would need to do with a vast amount of apps available. However, working on a remote server or editing code on such a small screen is cumbersome to say the least. At some point, I added a keyboard to Nexus to see if this would make this work any easier – bigger screen, a keyboard, kinda like a really small laptop.

So, this is the experiment:  can a person who is normally a power user function on an Android laptop?

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