How do I move photos from my Android phone?

The easiest way to do anything with an Android phone, is to use the gmail account that was used to set it up. If you open a Chrome browser on your pc and log into gmail, you will find numerous Google applications that I find very useful. The Google Drive app is found by clicking on the little block of squares in the upper right hand corner of the gmail page. You may have to fiddle with some settings on both the phone and the gmail account but, Google will automatically synchronize your photos with your google account. This means you can find your photos in Google Drive within seconds of taking a shot with your phone – automatically.

Another way to do it is to send the picture to your self via email on your phone. When you are in your photo gallery, looking at pictures, there is a way to share the photo. You can share in a variety of ways – Facebook, text, etc – including via email.

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