esculturaBig, vibrant city desperate to shake its past but struggling to do so.

We live in a brand new building on the 18th floor with a million dollar view. Way more space than we need and everything we could possibly want within walking distance.

Except people like us.

It was our intent to experience and mingle with the locals. Our neighborhood is most certainly local. There are very few folks who speak any English. It is rare to see tourists or other foreigners where we live.

This is not to say that Medellin is unfriendly or that there are no tourists. In fact, tourism to Medellin is on the rise. We have chosen to live in a part of town that is not so touristy. For that, there is Poblado.

The locals are patient and friendly. My Spanish sucks – though I am taking lessons. Getting by with no Spanish is tough and results in many lost opportunities. Thus, I am putting some effort into learning. Yes, we could move to another Latin American country where there is more English spoken but, really? We live in a foreign country because we want to experience their world – not import ours to theirs.

Another thing we have noticed on our first hop as digital nomads – we are usually the oldest to attend anything put together by other digital nomads. I am ok with this – it’s just an observation and it provides me with some thoughts on why this might be. I will likely be writing about this a fair bit at some point.

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