SUPERAntiSpyware scam

SUPERAntiSpyware is a legitimate spyware removal program that has taken a bad rap. The is spam and other methods to get people to install a fake version of this software. The computer is then hijacked and a message comes up instructiing the user to call a support number to activate, upgrade, fix whatever for a fee.

A couple of tips:

Microsoft (or any other reputable software publisher) will never call you

Never click on an unexpected pop-up while on the internet.

Never open an email – and especially attachments – from someone you don’t know or if the email is unexpected

Never log into anything on someone else’s computer using your personal credentials – unless you are in Incognito or Safe Browsing mode

Never download anything from a webiste unless you know EXACTLY what it is you are downloading.

Always back up your stuff. Imagine if your computer were to vanish right now. What’s on it that you can’t live without or easily reproduce or recover?


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