Why do I have to reboot my router all the time?

First, you will want to make sure it is the router that is causing the problems. The easiest way to do this is to plug your computer directly into the modem. If your problems still persist, then there is something going on upstream. Your modem may be faulty or there may be other issues affecting the quality of the internet connection to the modem. Assuming you don’t own the modem, you will want to contact your provider as there is not much you will be able to do yourself at this point. If you do own the modem, contact the manufacturer for help to determine where to direct your efforts next.

Routers, like most electronic equipment, can generate heat, which is an enemy of electronics. You will notice that there are vents and, sometimes, even fans, on most routers. Inside, some components are protected from overheating by the use of heat fins and other measures. It often convenient to tuck the router behind a bookcase, in a cabinet, under a stack of other equipment, under the couch. You get the picture. While these placements make for a tidy look, they often prevent adequate airflow for the device to keep cool. Dust and other particles can clog the vents creating the same issues. Keeping the device off the floor will help prevent this as dust bunnies and pet fur tend to end up down there. Additionally, hiding the router in any of these places will not be ideal if the router is also providing your wifi – another article for that.

Make sure your router is running the latest firmware available from the manufacturer. You can check the current version in the control panel for your router. Accessing the control panel varies by manufacturer and model. Check the manufacturer’s website for information on your router. There you will find access information and downloads for firmware upgrades. If yours is out of date, get the update and install it. Update are usually released to fix security and stability issues so, it is always a good idea to keep them current.

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block heavy traffic

get a new one

putting it on a timer – dumb

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